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Product Name:Tris(tribromophenoxy)triazine flame retardant (RDT-8) 
Cas No.:25713-60-4 
Molecular Formula:C21H6Br9N3O3 
Molecular Weight:1067 

Product description


[Molecular Weight]: 1067

[CAS No.]: 25713-60-4

[Appearance]: white powder

[Applications]: RDT-8 is a kind of Br-N flame retardants with good weather resistance.The product of RDT-8 with larger molecule structure has excellent UV stability, which avoids the relevant disadvantage exists in the decabromodiphenyl oxide.

  RDT-8 is deemed to be the replacement of the DECA and TBBA as its excellent heat stability, good electrical property and excellent property in UV absorption.

  RDT-8 with high decomposition temperature don't contain the free Br, which can make the processing equipment be safer and make the processed products better.RDT-8 is widely used in the such modified engineering plastics as HIPS,ABS/PC,PBT,PC,ABS,AS and so on.

  The above modified engineering plastics containing the RDT-8 can be used in all kinds of situation of injection and extrusion, they also can meet any processing requests.

  The Sb2O3 shall be added when the RDT-8 is being used.

[Packing]: 25Kg woven bags.

[Capacity]: 3000T/a

[Storage and transportation]: Handle with care, keep airtight and dry.


Quality Index

技 术 参 数



Br Content






Melting point


Weight loss 2%


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